Indiana Conference For Women

Meet Authors Behind the Hottest Books

Join Fierce Women in Indianapolis November 12th


What an empowering, insightful and thought provoking event that makes you
want to be brave, take risks and dream big!

– Marcy M., McGladrey

This conference is now on my must-attend list every year. Well worth your time and money!
– Linda J., Borshoff

Amazing things happened…Proud to be a Hoosier woman,
proud of my state, proud to be future of state.

– @jessaroo2

Honored to join such amazing and accomplished women today!
@IndyAllison @ASmithJones @SusanWBrooks @aleliabundles

– @ScottDorsey

…the most valuable event I’ve attended in years. Well organized with focused content and fantastic speakers!
I can’t wait until next year!
– Becky R., Weaving Influence

rivals national conferences I’ve attended,
providing access to amazing women thought leaders and business owners.
– Dawn L.

…fantastic!…I would highly recommend this conference for all women, no matter what profession.
– Lori H., Web Link International

As a senior in college about to enter the workforce, this was a great opportunity to connect
with professionals in my state. The speakers were awe-inspiring, and have left a lasting mark on my professional career.

– Samantha M., Indiana University

Such an amazing day! My head is swimming with new ideas! Thank you…
– @gretchenET