Decorated tables at Indiana Conference for Women



Impress your clients,

show your staff some love, and bring your C-Suite executives to what is a truly remarkable event.

2021 Tables Flyer.png

Benefits of Sponsoring a Table

Visibility at the largest professional development conference for women in the Midwest. This ambitious and driven group of changemakers and entrepreneurs are eager to be inspired by you. 

Support women's voices. Help us break glass ceilings and create stronger, more productive workforces that are diverse and thinking ahead. 

Build your community outreach and recruitment. Topics on women's initiatives, mentoring opportunities, connections with incredible speakers, and corporate social responsibility make your organization stronger and a better steward for economic and community growth.   

Give your staff an opportunity to develop more skills and connections. Ten seats at the premiere professional development conference in the Midwest go a long way to supporting and appreciating your staff.  

Show your corporate support for inclusion and diversity initiatives. Inclusion and diversity initiatives are not just in vogue, they are the way to a better brand, better product, and better organization. Show your support by helping to create the premiere professional development conference in the Midwest. 

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