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Strict compliance at all times to each requirement is an express condition precedent to continued use of the media credential.

Granting of media credentials is at the sole discretion of the Indiana Conference for Women (ICFW). Applicants must agree to the terms below and submit an application. Approved applicants must register on-site and credentials must be worn at all times. Credentials are non-transferable.

1. Applicant must work for or submit through a legitimate news outlet whose primary objective is to disseminate news information to the public.
2. All work must use a byline.
3. Applicant must provide news editor or producer contact information.
4. Submission of representative past work is a requirement.


Any unauthorized use of credentials may subject the bearer to immediate ejection from the event and prosecution for criminal trespass. It may also subject the accredited organization to revocation of future credentials.

Credentialed media personnel may use content (images or written copy) for editorial purposes only. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Flash photography is strictly prohibited inside the general session. Due to contractual agreements, some presenters may not allow video or photography during their presentations. A list of these presenters will be available at registration.

Press credentials do not imply access to Indiana Conference for Women personnel or their contracted agents. Exclusive access to presenters is limited and granted at the sole discretion of the event producer of Indiana Conference for Women.

Credentialed media displaying or otherwise promoting any product or service at the event will be deemed to be non-working media and have their credentials revoked.

Where appropriate, credentialed media will be required to post to a minimum number ICFW social feeds and the ICFW mobile app.
Credentialed media grant full usage rights of their product to The Indiana Conference for Women.

Neither the Indiana Conference for Women nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates is responsible for theft or damage of any equipment in use by bearer or accredited media organization.

The accredited media organization and the bearer assume all risk incident to the performance by the bearer of his or her services; assume all risk incident to attending the Event; agree that they are not acting for ICFW in any manner and are not employees or agents of those organizations; and agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless ICFW, each of their parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their respective agents and employees from and against all liability, loss, damage or expense resulting from or arising out of the issuance and use of this credential or the Bearer’s presence at the Event.

I have read the above media credential requirements and agree to abide by the terms. Click on the “ACCEPT” button below to accept terms and conditions and be taken to the credential application form.

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