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The Indiana Conference for Women exists

to help women build careers, develop professionally,

and experience lives that are rewarding, healthy, and fulfilling. 


Billie Headshot.jpg

Billie Dragoo-Garcia


Deborah Collins Stephens

The Indiana Conference for Women co-founders set out to create a practical, inspiring, educational resource for women in Indiana and the Midwest. Since 2010, Billie and Deborah have turned that idea into the largest one-day conference for professionals and entrepreneurs in the Midwest. Serving more than 2000 people each year, the event welcomes attendees from all walks of life to grow together and be inspired by our nationally- and internationally-known keynote speakers and breakout leaders. 

Deborah & Billie believe (and research shows) that environments that foster the growth and development of a diverse workforce create healthier, more resilient communities and stronger economic growth. As a resource for the Midwest and beyond, the ICFW strives to create content and connections to empower people to create positive change in their own lives and, thus, their communities. 

In 2020, the ICFW set out to create a scholarship fund for women continuing their educational journey. With the help of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, the fund was established and is now accepting donations. You can support women's education by donating here (you will be redirected to the CICF page).  

Standing ovation for speaker, ICFW

“It was a GREAT day! It was amazing to be around all these women of different ages and backgrounds & come together to hear and share their struggles and triumphs.”


Dr. Billie Dragoo-Garcia

ICFW Co-Founder

RepuCare, Inc. Founder/Owner

Dr. Laurie Burns McRobbie

Board President

First Lady Emeritus, Indiana University

Tavonna Harris Askew

Executive Director,

Investigations & Right Environment

Cummins Inc.

Charlie Garcia

President & CEO

CGarcia & Associates, Inc.

Marianne Glick

Owner & President


Jennifer Merrell

Vice President,

TechPoint (retired)

Amy Pauszek

Award-winning Film Producer

Society Editor for

Sophisticated Living Magazine

Mario Rodriguez

Executive Director,

Indianapolis Airport Authority

Courtney Roberts


Ivy Tech Foundation

Joyce Q Rogers

Vice President, Development & External Relations for OVPDEMA and

EVP, Development, IU Foundation

Melissa St. John

CEO and Owner,

Relocation Strategies.

“It’s encouraging to see so many women from so many walks of life and so many different backgrounds. And when we come together, we create change that’s positive for communities, for children, for education, and it’s really inspiring.”

-Deborah Collins Stephens &

Billie Dragoo-Garcia

Billie Dragoo-Garcia, a Codelicious student, and Deborah Collins Stephens

The Indiana Conference for Women strives to create a welcoming and inclusive experience for all attendees at its annual conference and in all organizational matters. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Indiana Conference for Women:

  • Empowers and celebrates women and all people within and beyond the borders of the state of Indiana;

  • Supports equity of opportunity and advancement for women and other marginalized groups;

  • Is non-partisan and open to diverse viewpoints;

  • Serves as a neutral platform for the exchange of ideas, information, and guidance;

  • Exemplifies the values of civility and respect for the opinions and backgrounds of others;

  • Catalyzes the making and nurturing of connections across the many communities, backgrounds, age groups, professions, and life experiences of conference attendees.

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