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Episode List

Sherrie Whse Headshot 2021 copy.jpg

Webcast Replay: Raise a Glass


Hear women in the bourbon and spirits industry discussing their impact on particular brands and the economic drivers that keep bottles flying off the shelves!

Original broadcast: 7/8/2021

Ariana - Headshot.jpg

Ariana Sarfarazi


If anything can describe Ariana’s life so far, it is the word “perserverance.” Overcoming hardship in her youth & a love of the arts pushed her to today’s success.

Original broadcast: 6/17/2021

Rima Shahid Headshot.jpg

Rima Shahid


As Executive Director of Women4Change Indiana, Rima has worked tirelessly to advocate for women's rights. A life-long social rights activist, Rima takes the work seriously and succeeds with grace and power. 

Original broadcast: 6/3/2021

Yecenia Tostado Headshot.jpg

Yecenia Tostado


Yecenia is the Executive Director of Project Azul, an orgnaization dedicated to providing resources, training, and education for career advancement for underserved communities.

Original broadcast: 5/20/2021

Kathy Nimmer Headshot.png

Accessibility in Business


Amy Duarte, Kathy Nimmer, Juli Paini, and Laura Alvarado talk with Heather Pickering about the need for accessibility practices in business and how those accommodations help your bottom line. 

Original broadcast: 5/13/2021

Tanya Sovinski_Headshot_2.20.2020_3.jpg

Tanya Sovinski


Tanya is the Director of Community Relations at AES Indiana and uses her position to better the community every way she can. A strong leader, Tanya offers advice for leaders everywehere. 

Original broadcast: 5/6/2021

Angie Lewis Headshot.jpg

Dr. Angela Lewis


As the highest ranking civilian in a military organization, Angie knows leadership—and her path to the top was lined with lessons and growth. 

Original broadcast: 4/22/2021

Cindy_Konich-5 (1).jpg

Cindy Konich


The banking world has ups and downs that move faster than the stock market. As the first female president of Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, Cindy Konich knows how to ride the waves. 

Original broadcast: 4/8/2021

Lee Ernst.jpg

Lee Ernst


Have you ever wondered how philanthropy really works? Lee shares insights from her 16-year career in the field and the power of women to change the nature of charitable giving.

Original broadcast: 3/25/2021

Tara Chklovski Headshot.JPG

Girl Code: Women in Computer Science & Technology


Poonam Gill, Tara Chklovski, and Tiffany White discuss the power of technology with fourth and fifth grade students from Pike Township Schools. Build your confidence with these impressive women!

Original broadcast: 3/11/2021

Angela Freeman.jpg

Angela Freeman


As an Intellectual Property/Patent Attorney at Barnes & Thornburg and former Research & Development specialist in molecular biology at Eli Lilly, Angela Freeman really can do it all!

Original broadcast: 2/25/2021

Bethany C Meyers Headshot Approved.jpg

Bethany C. Meyers


Become body neutral, reinvent a lost skill, and check in with yourself with Bethany C. Meyers as we discuss health, wellness, and the become.project.

Original broadcast: 2/11/2021

Author Karen Mangia Headshot 1.jpg

Karen Mangia


Chelsea talks with Karen Mangia, Vice President of Customer & Market Insights for Salesforce, about her books, her outlook on life, and her advice for finding success with less. Find Karen's books and much more at

Original broadcast: 1/28/2021

Karen Olivo Headshot.jpg

Exposure: Artists as Entrepreneurs in a Capitalist World


Karen Olivo, Julie Goodman, Manon Voice, and Mariel Greenlee discuss the small business nature of being an independent artist.

Moderator: Jennifer Blackmer

Original broadcast: 1/14/2021

Felecia Roseburgh in webcast

In Jeopardy: Women, the Workplace, and COVID-19


Deborah Daniels, Felecia Roseburgh, and Paula Moan discuss the female recession hitting the workplace because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moderator: Joyce Rogers 

Original broadcast: 12/10/2020