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In depth conversations with exceptional people. Meet the movers and shakers creating positive change in their fields and explore the challenges and successes they faced along the way. 

Upcoming Episodes

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May 13: Webcast Replay--Accessibility in Business

Complimentary interactive webcast with experts in the field of disability access. Join Laura Alvarado, Amy Duarte, Nicole Richards, Kathy Nimmer, and Heather Pickering to discuss how accessibility ultimately helps your bottom line. 

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May 20: Yecenia Tostado

A long-time civic engagement advocate, Yecenia works hard to make our community a better place for everyone through education and career advancement. 

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June 3: Rima Shahid

As the Executive Director of Wome4Change Indiana, Rima has her hand in important political discussions to educate, equip, and mobilize Hoosiers to create positive change for women.

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