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Each year, a small group of exemplary, Indiana Women professionals will participate in this bold initiative. Those selected will be invited into this exclusive leadership development series and will make a 2- year commitment to fulfilling all requirements of this coveted personal and professional development opportunity through the following paths:

  1. High Profile Mentorship

  2. Empowerment Opportunities

  3. Focused Leadership Training

  4. Civic Engagement

  5. Strategic Networking

  6. Think Tank Breakout Sessions

  7. Community Service Opportunities




We serve all Women and have an open application process. Successful candidates will be:

  • Ideally aged 27-40

  • Gainfully employed relative to age

  • Track record of success regarding leadership, personally and professionally

  • Demonstrate the likelihood of staying in Indiana for the foreseeable future

  • Committed to using leadership skills and knowledge for the long-term benefit of all

  • Willing to commit to all attendance and program requirements

It is important to note that we are committed to creating participant classes that show diversity in cultural and professional backgrounds.


Each position requires a tuition amount of $5,000. To cover the tuition, an employer or other business/personal entity, such as a mentor, must sponsor each applicant. Individuals are able to self-sponsor, if preferred. Scholarships are available in limited cases.

2024 PROGRAM - Please download "Program Details" below.  Or click here



Thank you for your interest in applying for the Indiana Conference for Women Leadership Series!

  • Please read all sections carefully before beginning.

  • Complete all five sections before submission. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Contact Indiana Conference for Women if you have any questions before you begin this application process.

  • Please provide thorough yet brief answers to all questions and be specific in your responses as this application is your chance to show us that you are the best fit for our prestigious initiative.

  • As always, check all spelling and grammar before submitting.


Please complete each section in its entirety prior to submission.

Employer Notification & Tuition: Request the support of your employer and a sponsorship prior to submitting this application.

  • Each position requires a tuition amount of $5,000. To cover the tuition, an employer or other business/personal entity, such as a mentor, must sponsor each applicant. The applicant is also permitted to pay his or her own tuition.

  • Your sponsor will need to complete the appropriate section on this application. If you chose to cover your own tuition, please complete this portion yourself.

  • Financial assistance options are available in limited cases. To apply for a full or partial scholarship, please include a one-page letter of request as the final page of your submitted application. In this letter of request, include the following: amount requested, the reason you are applying for a scholarship, and why you believe you would make a strong scholarship recipient.


In year 1 each participant is required to attend the Welcome Reception, each monthly session and closing dinner. Participants must arrive on time, prepared, and stay for the duration of each session. A participant may miss one session and must provide the reason for not attending as far in advance as possible.

In year 2 participants will be matched with a successful mentor and will meet on a monthly basis; each mentee will commit to joining at least one (1) solid professional opportunity (Board Memberships, Appointments, etc.) after completion of the program. Class graduation and alumni status will be jeopardized if these requirements are not fulfilled.

References: Secure two (2) letters of support from who can speak to your personal character, your dedication to your community and your developed leadership skills. Letters must be submitted with your application. Each reference will be called by a representative of ICFW.

Your application must include:

  • Application

  • Employer Support Form

  • Sponsor Commitment Form

  • Two Letters of Reference

All applications should be submitted no later than March 1, 2024, to 

Download Application and Related Materials

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